We invest in startups aligned to GRDC’s RD&E Plan 2023-28 four strategic pillars:

Agtuary harnesses satellite and climate data to provide next generation insights into agricultural production read more
AlterraTech's YASS optical sprayer tech is a new generation of technology for the modern farm read more
The future of weeding is.. electric read more
Utilizes state-of-the-art tech to detect & prevent airborne diseases for proactive disease management on farms worldwide read more
Unlock the potential of Digital Agronomy products and farm data by putting easy-to-use, simple, automated and low-cost digital solutions in the hands of agronomists and producers read more
FarmLab works with agribusinesses, research institutions and asset managers to provide better soil data in support of better environmental outcomes read more
Fleet Space Technologies
Fleet specialise in creating low-cost satellite-based systems for Industrial Internet of Things applications read more
Hillridge Technology
Hillridge helps farmers and other climate-exposed businesses assess their climate risks and buy affordable weather insurance read more
Intelligent System Design
ISD develops AI solutions and remote sensing capabilities for defence, aerospace, space and biosecurity objectives read more
Laconik takes the data you have already collected across your farm and uses machine learning algorithms to help put the right fertiliser rates in the right spots read more
Loam Bio
Loam addresses climate change, while creating value for agriculture, by harnessing the power of microbes read more
Pairtree allows farmers to integrate their agtech devices and software in order to view data all in one dashboard Or share the data to third parties like consultants, agronomists, banks and the supply chain read more
Regrow Ag
Regrow Ag unlocks the profit potential of resilient agriculture – combining agronomy and scenario planning with monitoring, reporting and verification. read more
Turns green waste e.g. crop stalks, timber and garden waste into high-value products initially focused on animal feed, but also potentially packaging, construction, textiles and more read more
SwarmFarm Robotics
SwarmFarm Robotics is leading the way in the delivery of autonomous agriculture at scale with tailored solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture read more
TeleSense is making grain storage profitable again by providing grain operators with actionable alerts about their stored grain read more
Software platform to enable farming to be truly autonomous – farmers can manage land and equipment efficiently and remotely read more
Creating whole food ingredients from traditional grains and pulses, as well as from food waste generated in the ‘paddock to plate’ value chain read more
Wildfire Energy
Converting farm crop residues, such as wheat straw, into green hydrogen which is suitable for ammonia synthesis and for use in fuel cell vehicles read more
Yarta empowers agriculture industry members to scale with an easy-to-use platform for trading, financing, and hedging global agricultural commodities read more
Zetifi is bridging the digital divide by solving connectivity problems for people in rural and remote locations read more
ZoomAgri provides quality assessment of agricultural commodities to all participants of the agri supply chain via AI, Computer Vision and IoT read more