Converting farm crop residues, such as wheat straw, into green hydrogen which is suitable for ammonia synthesis and for use in fuel cell vehicles.

Wildfire Energy’s vision is to eliminate landfill by turning waste into renewable energy and hydrogen. Global solid waste generation is over 2 billion tonnes annually and landfills are responsible for over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Wildfire Energy’s solution is called Moving Injection Horizontal Gasification (MIHG), a simple process which converts waste into electricity and hydrogen, with negative carbon emissions. Wildfire Energy has developed modular plants which can be rapidly deployed and used to convert biomass and waste into renewable energy products at very low cost.

This makes Wildfire Energy’s solutions ideally suited for improving waste management in outer urban, regional and remote communities, where landfill is currently the only option.

GRDC RD&E Plan 2023-28: Alignment

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    Increasing fertiliser prices and lack of security of supply, together with a need to use more sustainable resources, have been the catalyst for two innovative companies to consider ways to produce hydrogen from crop straw. HydGene Renewables and Wildfire Energy have been supported by the Australian Government’s Business Research and Innovation Initiative to develop their proof-of-concept technologies that have the potential to be used on-farm, in sustainable circular economies.

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