Software platform to enable farming to be truly autonomous – farmers can manage land and equipment efficiently and remotely.

Verge is driven by a massive transformative purpose to accelerate the transition to autonomous farming.

Verge develops software that enables farmers to plan, simulate, and validate the movement of equipment in the field and execute field operations efficiently. They are the missing piece in the autonomous puzzle.

Verge are developing a solution that helps farmers manage their land and equipment to efficiently and remotely execute field operations, enabling farming to be truly autonomous.

Verge's product, Launch Pad, is the world’s first interactive solution that helps farmers plan their operations specific to seeding, spraying and harvest. It differs from other ag tech solutions in the market as it is the only product focused on the cohesive movement of equipment in the field. It creates a set of path plans, custom to each farm, that removes unnecessary travel, easily integrates into modern day GPS systems and requires no extra hardware. Our model has been developed to support farms of all sizes using any brand(s) of equipment.

GRDC RD&E Plan 2023-28: Alignment

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