Regrow Ag unlocks the profit potential of resilient agriculture – combining agronomy and scenario planning with monitoring, reporting and verification.

Transforming agriculture systems is the single most important thing we can do to combat climate change.

That’s why FluroSat and Dagan have combined forces to launch Regrow, a company that empowers the food and agriculture industries to adopt, scale and monetise resilient agricultural practices.

Regrow is the first digital platform to unlock the power and profitability of resilient agriculture through a single, measurable and verifiable system. Regrow combines best-in-class agronomy with soil and carbon modelling to deliver customised, site-specific and scalable solutions to businesses across the supply chain. The company is monitoring fields across over 150M acres for customers across the agrifood supply chain, and supports users in 45 countries around the world.

Regrow is a multinational team of scientists, agronomists, engineers, and software developers committed to transforming the supply chain from farm to fork to ensure a prosperous future for people and planet.

GRDC RD&E Plan 2023-28: Alignment