Hillridge helps farmers and other climate-exposed businesses assess their climate risks and buy affordable weather insurance.

Australia’s variable climate means Australian agriculture is subject to more revenue volatility than almost any other country in the world. Despite this, many growers and producers lack easy access to meaningful weather risk management tools.

To address this, Hillridge has built Australia’s first automated platform for weather insurance. Underwritten by global insurers, the insurance protects against extreme climate events such as drought, frost, heat stress, too much rain. Farmers can directly log online and get quotes in real time. Any agricultural business affected by the weather can buy cover through brokers such as Nutrien Ag Solutions and Crop Risk Underwriting.

Traditionally insurers base their premiums on broad geographic characteristics. Making a claim is even more time-consuming, painful, and uncertain. The whole process is messy, outdated, and inefficient.

Our software analyses the risk profile of the farm itself, and provides 'pin drop pricing' in seconds. Your premium is based on the likelihood of poor weather based on where and what you farm, not your claims history. Once you pay that premium, you’re covered. The decision to pay comes from a trusted weather data source, not the arbitrary judgement of an insurance assessor. If that weather event occurs your payout is fixed, fast and guaranteed.

In 2021, Hillridge was global co-winner of the Extreme Tech Challenge, beating 3700 startups addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It raised its seed round in 2022, and now operates in Australia, and across southeast Asia.

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