ZoomAgri provides quality assessment of agricultural commodities to all participants of the agri supply chain via AI, Computer Vision and IoT.

ZoomAgri’s goal is to digitise the antiquated testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) aspect of the agricultural commodities and food sector through its 'vision-as-a-service' (VaaS) business model. Combining computer vision, machine learning, and IoT, ZoomAgri aims to disrupt the current methods for performing TIC functions, which involve a lot of manual labor.

In 2018, ZoomAgri launched its first product, ZoomBarley, which determines the purity of malting barley varieties in real-time. The offering is currently available on five continents and serves clients like AB InBev, Boortmalt, Soufflet, InVivo, Malteurop, Estrella Damm, Holland Malt, Malteria Oriental, Avangard Malz, and Ireks.

It also offers ZoomAgriSpex, which helps users determine the physical quality of grains and oilseeds in real-time. Each year, three billion metric tons of grains and oilseeds are produced and moved along the supply chain. ZoomAgriSpex is designed to address common issues around determining the physical quality of the crops including classification errors, delays, subjectivity, fraud, and extremely high cost.

Being able to better measure quality allows stakeholders in the supply chain to be more efficient when it comes to overall distribution. This helps reduce the industry’s consumption of valuable resources like transport, land, inputs, and water usage. Correctly determining the quality before sending the grain off also helps reduce overall waste.

The company sends hardware devices to users at zero initial cost and only charges them for the analyses that they perform. Users can either pay for every individual analysis or pay a monthly fee to access unlimited analyses.

GRDC RD&E Plan 2023-28: Alignment

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