ISD develops AI solutions and remote sensing capabilities for defence, aerospace, space and biosecurity objectives.

The problem:

  • Millions of Shipping Container Imports each year
  • Between 2016 17, 5.7 million containers were released uninspected. 42,000 of these were highly contaminated
  • Manual inspections require personnel, are potentially dangerous, costly, interrupt the logistics stream, and only cover a small fraction of imports
  • $5.4 Billion cost to Agriculture Industry every year from hitchhiking.

The solution:

  • Portable device + Hyperspectral Sensing + Artificial Intelligence
  • Reduces recourses, personnel, cost & time
  • Improves reliability, speed & decisions making process
  • Protects Australian Agriculture, Natural Resources & Economy
  • Can be deployed on vessels before entry, in warehouses, for all types of cargo, container  internals and product
  • Provides certification of pest free exports.

GRDC RD&E Plan 2023-28: Alignment