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GrainInnovate Investment Portfolio

GrainInnovate has recently completed its ninth agrifood technology startup investment since launching the $50M fund a little over 12 months ago (February 2019).

GrainInnovate, a partnership between the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) and Artesian, invests in startups to help drive the future profitability and sustainability of Australia's grain growers. The Fund is a seed-to-exit partner and investor for the world's best agrifood technology startup founders. GrainInnovate aims to deliver value via technical expertise, industry knowledge and networks, specialist advice and support. GrainInnovate's goal is to be a valued, trusted adviser assisting agrifood startups to navigate through challenges and opportunities.

The 9 startups in the GrainInnovate portfolio fall into 5 broader agtech categories:

  1. Farm Connectivity - Fleet and Zetifi

  2. Post-Harvest Management - TeleSense

  3. Decision Support - DataFarming, FluroSat and Laconik

  4. Weed Management - GroWave

  5. Biotech- Soil Carbon Co. and Sustinent

If you are an ambitious founder of an agrifood startup (local or international) that has the potential to drive the future profitability and sustainability of Australia's grain growers, GrainInnovate would love to hear from you.

GrainInnovate's areas of interest include:

  • Genetic tools & technologies

  • Crop & environmental sensing

  • Grain storage logistics

  • Renewable technologies

  • Task automation

  • Crop protection technologies

  • Water & nutrient use efficiency

  • Crop management logistics

You can apply for funding or for an initial discussion via Decode

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