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Intell. System Design

ISD develops AI solutions and remote sensing capabilities for defence, aerospace, space and biosecurity objectives.

The Problem:

Millions of Shipping Container Imports each year.

Between 2016 17, 5.7 million containers were released uninspected. 42,000 of these were
highly contaminated.

Manual inspections require personnel, are potentially dangerous, costly, interrupt the
logistics stream, and only cover a small fraction of imports.

•$5.4 Billion cost to Agriculture Industry every year from hitchhiking
The Solution

Portable device + Hyperspectral Sensing + Artificial Intelligence

Reduces recourses, personnel, cost & time

Improves reliability, speed & decisions making process.

Protects Australian Agriculture, Natural Resources & Economy

Can be deployed on vessels before entry, in warehouses, for all types of cargo, container
internals and product.

Provides certification of pest free exports

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