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Hillridge Technology

Hillridge Technology helps farmers mitigate the financial impact of poor weather on their crops or livestock

Hillridge Technology helps farmers obtain weather-index protection.

Hillridge is creating technology that connects farmers to insurance underwriters, who can provide short term coverage in a way that is tailored to individual farms.

For too long, insurance companies have forced farmers to take on the burden of bad weather, a risk completely out of the farmer's control. Traditional insurance plans covering weather perils often over-estimate the risk, which drive the price of premiums up. Buying is complicated. Making a claim is even more time-consuming, painful and uncertain. The whole process is messy, outdated, and inefficient. Farmers suffering from crop damage often wait months to recoup their losses.

Hillridge Technology understands how weather impacts your yields and affects your livestock. They are creating a platform that protects you against the weather risks that most affect your farming operation. Your premium is based on the likelihood of poor weather based on where and what you farm, not your claims history. The decision to pay comes from a trusted weather data source, not the arbitrary judgement of an insurance assessor. Payments are automatically triggered when certain weather conditions have been met and you confirm that a loss has been suffered.

No longer will your claim against weather damage to your crops or livestock take months. Fewer steps in the claims process results in less waiting. Payments are made in a matter of days.

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